Corporate investment income

I have limited experience in filing corporate return with investment income, Reporting gains, interest and dividends on s125 but what other schedules should i be aware of?

3, 6, & 7. Possibly 24 if investment management fees were paid.

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Also the new schedule that reduces the small business deduction if the passive income including capital gains is more than $50,000 for the associated group. Not sure what schedule number that is however.

better consider schedules 3, 6 and 7.

Better have your files reviewed by someone with more experience, and in the meantime, upgrade your tax knowledge before taking on any new engagements.

Thanks for that advise Bert, you’re a champ.
Are you offering to review

Thank you for that

sure, my rate is $250 per hour

Seems reasonable, how many do you think you can review in an hour? 20-30?

Depends on the size of the file, perhaps 1

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