Commuter greencard holder tax filing

Does anyone know if a commuter greencard holder should be filing a 1040, 1040A or 1040NR return.

Most likely a 1040 (1040A is basically a 1040, as in a shorter version), as he is a US residentā€¦

1040NR is only for nonresidents

Thanks Bert for the reply. With the commuter green card the individual has no rights to take up residency in the United States. So, I would have thought the 1040NR would be applicable since they would be classified as a non-resident alien.

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I should have said ā€˜considered resident for tax purposesā€™, my apologies

No problem. So, do your concur with the filing of a 1040NR vs 1040?

no, you file a 1040

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