Client manger - Zapier Integration

Any chance you can create a zapier integration from Client Manger. #ProductivityGAINS #automation

My office uses Slack, Asana, Google and Sharefile.
I would like to have the Client Manger steps automate to Asana and then (team member notification) Slack when it changes to Client Approval. When the return is complete, It could automatically trigger the print and invoice to Sharefile and send the client a google email. google mail would automatically send them a link to my calendly to setup an appt to come in and sign.



Not quite the same app stack, but I’d make the best of a zapier connection too if it was available.

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Would love Zapier also. I am using 17Hats, Asana, and Karbon HQ, GSuite with Gmail Google Drive etc, and Citrix Sharefile.

If we could get Zapier integration, would it be possible to investigate POST/GET calls, which is more generic than ZAPIER?

Zapier uses webhooks, which are only special HTTP calls. By making things generic, you open to other integrations such as Podio, Salesforce, etc…

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In this day of app stacks, apps integration, and immediate notification, ZAPIER integration is the hot new topic.

Zapier is out of early adopters and in the front end of general adoption of popular cloud apps with workflow automation.

For most desktop apps an export to an online sheet or form provides the bridge. This means manually exporting to Google sheets, a forms apps, an analogous spreadsheet app, or another practice management and/or project management app.

Some desktop apps use their own online gateway tool to create an integration interface such as QuickBooks Webconnector.

Here is a list of FORMS, some of which are highly encrypted.

For Google Sheets integration Zapier uses a FORMATTER to parse text and data fields.

Zapier Formatter

In addition to Zapier Formatter, there are other formatting tools and workarounds.

My start in this world is through Heather Satterly and Practice Ignition.