Claim for Spouse's Parents Living with Them

Following is Situation:

  1. Family A of Three ( Man, woman, Child)
  2. Family B of two (spouse’s Parents, Male aged 77 and aged Female 74), Not on old age pension, they came 7-8 years back from India.
  • all living together in one basement
  • Family A is taking care of all their living and meals expenses)
    Everyone is filing their tax return
  1. Can we any claim for spouse’s parents even if they are filing their Tax return individually, but living with them?

  2. If NO, that’s fine,

  3. If Yes , How Family A’s one person can claim for family B’s Caregiver amount.
    Thank You in advance

No, Caregiver amount is only available if the parents are mentally or physically disable and/or they have doctor’s not that someone needed to take care of the parents.
In past, you can claim for your or your spouse’s parents and/or grandparents if they are over 65 and are living under the same roof as taxpayer.

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