CCA class for food truck?


What CCA class will a food truck fall under? Is it class 16? Or class 10 or 10.1?


That depends on weight of the truck… not sure what type of food truck you are referring to

11.788 kg is class 16… heavy duty 5 ton milk truck usually are heavy enough… whereas bread truck is usually light duty and often too light for class 16

The motor vehicle registration is where the weight is listed

Rachel Thibodeau-Parlee

A food truck would never be considered a class 10.1 regardless of the price, it is not a passenger vehicle. If it is under the 11.788 KG it is a class 10.

Even if the truck qualifies for Class 16, you should consider whether you want or need to do that. Do you want/need to depreciate it faster than 30%? Class 16 can be depreciated at 40% because the economic life of that type of truck is expected to be shorter than a normal vehicle. But, I have some clients who keep their trucks running for 30+ years, so it would be more appropriate to put in Class 10 (and even reduce the CCA to a lower level like 10%, but that may require a conversation with the client).