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I need your views on Caseware with Jazzit addon. I currently use an old version of Caseware (from CGA days) on my desktop. I need to update Caseware it’s a few years behind. Do you you use Caseware ASPE or PEG Compilations Templates? Or you use Jazzit add on templates instead? I prepare Compilations engagements. I need to make a final decision as soon as possible and would appreciate your views.

I would recommend keeping CaseWare current and using JazzIt.
Once you have JazzIt set up, it will save you approx 20-40% time per engagement.
You don’t need to implement every feature at once as it can be a bit overwhelming but PP&E and long term debt, capital leases become a breeze, not to mention letters

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I have used Caseware with Jazz-It add on for 17 years. I use Caseware PEG templates and Jazz-It for financial statements only. Wouldn’t change my setup. Just my opinion and what I am used to.

If I recall correctly, the latest Jazzit templates are compatible with Caseware 2019 and newer. But, I think Mike said (in the last Jazzit with Java webinar) that they weren’t going to support Caseware 2019 anymore. I don’t think you can get an “old” version of Jazzit unless you know a Jazzit customer who has not kept it updated. So, yes - if you move to Jazzit, you will have to upgrade Caseware.

We’ve been using Jazzit for five years now and highly recommend it. We are also a compilation only firm, and it has made our switch to CRSR 4200 seamless. From a working paper stand point, we’ve come to really enjoy working with their investment tracker, prepaid, capital assets, accrual and loan working papers.

Thanks everyone for your responses.