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Carry forward and coupling

I am a little confused on the carry fwd and coupling process. I carryfwd a couple from Vtax ok and the man and wife are obviously auto coupled ok. Then I want to couple the parents who s/be also coupled when carried fwd. So I then carryfwd the parents who are then coupled automatically too.

Now how do I couple or add both parents as dependants to the main son and daughter? When I add dep it asks to locate only the one parent but it only adds the one parent and not both. So after all this I uncoupled the parents so each had their own file and then added each parent into the son’s return so now all 4 are attached. Problem is that I cannot tell if the parents are coupled because the they are saved under one file name. The file name shd add their names too.

It s/be man and wife coupled together themselves plus mom and dad coupled to themselves Plus all together coupled for credit transfers like disability and caregiver etc.

Is there a better way to do this than what I did and how can I tell if the parents are coupled themselves for S2 trf between them if all saved under one file name.

Thx for the help and ideas.