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Bookkeeper wanted

Hi there. Two of my clients are looking for a bookkeeper for their month-to-month bookkeeping needs. They’re in the holistic health field (a naturopathic doctor and yoga studio operator). Revenue is $300-500K.

Any leads?


Where are these clients located? I fo bookkeeping as well as taxes. I’m located in Cambridge ON

If they are willing to use cloud software like QBO, we can help from anywhere. I am in the Ottawa, Ontario area.

I service these types of clients, located in Markham, but also offer remote services.


I can be contacted at location Mississauga

I’m in Toronto and available.


I am at Brampton and provide bookkeeping services in GTA, please let me know the location and if client is interested I can go and meet to discuss their requirements.


I am on Vancouver Island, BC if anyone is looking for a bookkeeper

Hello @CGTax,

I am just curious why you’re not considering hiring a bookkeeper and keeping that revenue in house?

I have heard examples from others saying they hire a bookkeeper and the charge out to the client is double/triple what they pay the bookkeeper. To continue, they mention once the work is complete they review it to make sure it’s accurate and correct because the work is coming from their practice.

Anyone else heard similar or contest?


I know of this group but haven’t had any dealings with them but might be a good resource…


I would say it is the best source - but then I am a member.

@CGTax we do this type of work and know the industry well. We have strong referrals and we build process automation software to help them reduce their costs so they can free up money for tax planning with you. Email me and I can explain in more detail.

Happy to assist. I am serving clients for their bookkeeping needs from Ottawa to Sarnia!

I am in Napanee, and have clients in Belleville, Kingston, Picton and Tamworth Areas. Let me know if you need any help.