Trucker driving in US

A Canadian Truck driver drives from Canada to the USA and sometimes pays for repairs etc., in the USA. He was charged sale tax according to the state he gets the work done. Is there any special rule for GST (Canadian) return or just claiming the whole amount in expenses on his taxes and zero claims in GST return?

He can claim the entire amount of GST/HST he paid in the US on his GST/HST return as ITCs

There is no GST/HST in the states!!! So how can it be claimed for an ITC.

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I agree with @cliffgblank No GST is paid to the Canadian Government; he should claim the whole amount as an expense on his tax return.

Sales taxes paid in USA cannot be claimed as input credit. It is part of expenses.

Further, all expenses are to be converted to Canadian dollars

Definitely converting to canadian.
Thanks for commenting and confirming