Tax Practice Management

October 2019 marks the start of my 21st year as a Tax Practitioner. Although I love the nuances of optimizing client tax returns and all the tech and tax learning required to remain current and relevant, I find that self care and practice management evolution are the prerequisites to a success and sustainable tax practice.

Currently I am improving and broadening my templates, process/ workflow documentation, tech tools, and client communication strategies.

However, as a sole practitioner, I often find myself with the challenge of focused attention vs instant response to that email, text message, or phone call. In that light I find this article from Zapier about the true cost of multi-tasking to be on point. The true cost is not simply decrease in sustained productivity. It is mental health. I would venture to say that in the long term it may be physical health as well.

So, most of my pretax season and year round client maintenance activities are about being pro-active, establishing routines and expectations, and complete follow through.

The True Cost of Multitasking Isn’t Productivity—It’s Mental Health

Jessica Greene / Published May 16, 2019

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@dominique_dabolczi thanks for sharing - I have always enjoyed your comments. I will give this a read shortly.