T1M Meals as part of Moving Expenses - 100%?

Hi all,

The T1M in the current version is calculating meal expenses as part of the moving expenses using the simplified method at 100% - $23. Is that correct? It seems as though meals should be deductible at 50%…

Thanks in advance for your help.

The $23 is CRA policy with no reduction. I remember the amount was $11 for a long time, increasing to $17, and now $23. These amounts apply to moving, medical travel, and northern residence deduction, all at 100% into the applicable field or calculation.

The T2125 show meals @ 50% - most common, @ 80% for long haul drivers, and 100% when the meal will be billed in full to customer/client.

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I saw that website where they don’t mention any reduction (for moving) but was just curious why there would be such a difference between meals as part of moving vs meals in general.

Anyone got review of these and the claims accepted at the full $23 rate ?

I have had a few reviews of moving expenses. Meals always allowed at full rate. You want to be able to show how you arrived at number of meals.

Thanks a lot.

The idea behind 100% deduction for meals at Moving is that these are exclusively incurred for better employment/place of business and not for entertaining the customers/clients which are deducted @ 50%.