T1 Return

I am doing a T1 return for 2019 and have a T5013 that has an amount in box 202 what do I do with this amount

We had a similar question posted a few years back on the Profile forum. One of the tech support staff posted this reply:

“Boxes 202 & 203 relate to Tax shelter. You will likely need to fill the form T5004.
For further information, you can visit:
Or please contact CRA, as they will be best to advise where to enter those amounts.”

Hope this helps.

Hi Gerry

What line on the T1 tax return would something in box 202 on the T5013 go?



It doesn’t go anywhere on the T1
Box 202 is the unit cost (ACB per unit) of the investment.
I believe it is mainly used to determine a partner’s “at-risk” amount when determining the maximum amount of loss a limited partner can claim on a tax shelter. Loosly speaking, you can not claim losses in excess of your “at-risk” amount, or the amount you have invested.