T1 Planner

Three suggestions:

  1. A larger memo field at the top where we can enter more detailed notes about the specific plan; the existing description line can serve as a short ‘title’.

  2. A Plan Summary page, similar to the Scenario Summary) would be helpful. We can select up to 3 (or 4 or 5) of the existing plans to be displayed side by side. This would facilitate comparing alternatives or multiple years.

  3. The ability to ‘clone’ an existing Plan, perhaps with the option to include the tapes and memos in the cloned copy. I currently have to create a new plan and populate from scratch, or re-edit the figures from the current return. Most tax planning exercises are variations on a theme.


Following up on this… highly agree with what @wilco is suggesting here.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve forwarded them to our T1 analyst for considering them in a future update.

~ Rob

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