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Schedule 7

When entering an RRSP transferred from a deceased spouse, the transfer in seems to affect the RRSP contribution room that is available to carry forward. The transfer of an RRSP from the deceased taxpayer to the RRSP of their spouse should not affect the contribution room. Is there something I’m missing?

The transfer is entered at line 214 of S7 and the contribution room available to carry forward is zero. No other contributions were made during the year and there is contribution room available form 2014.

214? 240 maybe?

Check which section of Box 22 on the T4RSP slip in Taxcycle is completed.

It appears that the RRSP transfer section of the RRSP worksheet is not totalling correctly? The only way that we can get the transfer to work is to override the transfer amounts…?

On the T4RSP slip what box is the income reported in? If it is box 18 (refund of premiums) go to the RRSP worksheet and scroll down to the RRSP transfer section. At line 7 enter in the amount from box 18 of the T4RSP slip. You also need to enter in the RRSP contribution at the top of RRSP worksheet. If the amount was reported in box 16 of the T4RSP there should be an amount in box 22-RRSP transfer