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Renovations to a van to accomodate a person in a wheelchair

I have a client who has been in a wheelchair for many years. He recently purchased a new van and requires that renovations be made to it to accommodate his wheelchair. The van is for personal use only and will be used to travel around the country in his retirement. These renos include such things as a lift to get him in and out, a washroom and shower, cooking facilities, sleeping facilities and other alterations to accommodate his needs while driving on a long trip. My question is how much of these renovations are deductible for tax purposes.

Here is a link to the information you need. Basically, you can claim 20% of van cost to max of $5,000, plus the cost of the adaptations.

Note that the lift and any adaptations done to make it driveable by the wheelchair bound patient are the only medical expenses claimable in this instance.
The washroom, cooking & sleeping facilities, etc. are not considered medical expenses and are therefore not deductible. (They’ve essentially turned a van into a motorhome)