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Order of claiming non-refundable tax credit

Hi there,

I have a client who is a student. Last year went out of country to work for a co-op term, and also paid tax there. As the client is Canadian resident, I reported the income on line 104 as foreign employment income, and claim a foreign tax credit. But the program claim the tuition first before claiming the foreign tax credit. Is this the correct order of claiming? or can I claim the foreign tax credit instead and carry forward the tuition? Seem like the tuition is waist when claiming it before foreign tax credit.

Thanks in advance,

The tuition claim is prescribed by the ITA S. 118.61 which claims tuition based on an individuals tax otherwise payable - at that point, the rest of the ordering of credits in TaxCycle adheres to section 118.92 of the Act that specifies ordering provisions.

~ Rob