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Optimization of net capital losses

There seems to be something off with Taxcycle’s optimization of the amount of net capital losses from prior years to claim in the current year. I have now had two occurrences of the software wanting to claim losses from prior years when the client is not taxable. I’ve also noticed that on the optimization worksheet, in this case anyway, neither the net capital gains nor the losses available are populating on the form.

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Would you be able to send us the file via e-courier (or your secure method of choice) so that we can see if there is something in the return altering the optimization amounts?

~ Rob

I’ve sent the file. Thanks.

Part of this bug seems to be occurring again - the optimization is running correctly, but the T1 optimization worksheet in the net capital losses section doesn’t appear to be populating. Amounts are registering as $nil where there should be values, and when I double click to drill down on (a) or (b) under net capital losses, I’m taken to the same places as if I was clicking on (a) and (b) above for non-capital losses: