Is a way on Rep A Client to tell if a T1135 was filed?

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I’m just wondering if there’s any way to tell on Rep A Client if a T1135 was filed in any previous year or if the client answered YES to having foreign property over $100k.

I am trying to decide if I will accept a new client. He did his own returns in the past and I am assessing my risk levels with him. He’s one of those who has been coming to me for a few years outside of tax season with random questions but then at tax time, he does his own return and I haven’t billed him
a cent. Now he insists he needs me?

On the CDE worksheet, there is a question that might give you a hint but if he didn’t file it (or require it) then you may be none the wiser.


If you look at the NoA there will also be a statement on there (although I think that refers to the prior year as a reminder)

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Found it! Thank you!