Involuntary Separation

I have a couple who are separated for health related reasons. One spouse is residing in Ontario and the other is in a long term care facility outside of Canada. I am preparing a coupled tax return and have selected “married” as their marital status. However, when I indicate that one mate is a non-resident TaxCycle automatically changes the other mate to non resident in the “Residency” section of the Info tab and the jacket of the T1.

How do I indicate that one mate is a resident while the other is not.

The mate is probably not non-resident if you asked the CRA and explained the situation. Canada considers husband and wife joined at the hip when it comes to residency status 99% of the time.

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“the other is in a long term care facility outside of Canada”
I wouldn’t be in a hurry to do anything but “tax-resident” for them both if their marital home is and was Ontario, Canada.

You would need to do a deep-dive into ALL the documentation that the emigrating tax spouse did when they filed their (PAPER-FILED) Tax-emigration T1 for the year that they left when they left.
What (if any) is the paper evidence that they have given you for that tax year?
Why do they say that their spouse in Canada is not a significant tie to Canada?
Have they given any hard-copy evidence to you at all that the spouse tax-emigrated?

Maybe they will need to make their own representations to CRA so that you can get something from CRA to support the filing

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