Want to confirm when completing an HST return only the sales from the reporting period are entered on line 101.

Taxpayer was a non-registrant when they started their business: Jan 1, 2021
Q1 (Jan - March) they have $20,000.00 in sales.
They anticipate hitting $30,000.00 threshold shortly and voluntarily register for HST on April 1st, 2021.

From Q2-Q4 (April - Dec 2021) they have $40,000.00 in net sales for which all were taxable at 13% (collected $5,200.00 in HST)

When completing their HST return for 2021 their reporting period will show April 1 - Dec 31, 2021

  • Line 101 they will enter $40,000.00
  • Line 105 $5,200.00
  • Line 108 - Total ITCs

Just wanted to double-check that the sales numbers used are only from the date of registration ($40,000) to period end as opposed to total year sales ($60,000).

Thank you

Instructions for completing GST/HST returns can be found here:

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Yes, you’ve got it


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@joe.justjoe1 Yes, thank you.

Previous to the post I read on that page:
Line 101: Enter the total amount of revenue from supplies of property and services, including zero-rated and exempt supplies, and other revenue for the reporting period.

Just wanted to double-check.

@gaywise Thank you