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Housing Rebate

Taxpayer purchased property & received rebate.

I think it will have to be paid back after hearing “some” details.
However, with the preliminary information I have, I cannot yet make the determination. Waiting to receive more information.

In the event, it needs to be paid back what are the steps in doing so?

Also, I have been told a few things:
-taxpayer can send a letter to HST for a ruling
-taxpayer sends a letter of explanation with a cheque

How have others approached a similar situation?

Never had a situation like that, but wondering why you would consider being so proactive about it? Why not wait for CRA to review it (which could be up to 2 years later)? Unless you are convinced that the rebate application was fraudulent…then I’m not sure what the process is for cancelling the application.

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"why you would consider being so proactive about it? "
Perhaps the clients would prefer not to be referred to in newspaper pages?..

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Thank you @joe.justjoe1 @Nezzer for your replies