GIC interest on death

Client passed in March 2021 with 3 unmatured GIC’s. She did not have a will, but under intestate rules all her assets were transferred to her spouse. The surviving spouse received grant of administration in November and at that point requested the GIC’s be redeemed.
Is the interest required to be reported on final return, rights and things, trust return or can it be reported on the surviving spouses return?
Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.

The deceased must report interest received up to the date of death plus accrued interest to the date of death. By “accrued interest” I mean that you have to calculate interest earned from the last interest payment date to the date of death. This interest would be reported on the final tax return.

I’m not sure whether this person who died intestate with a surviving spouse would have an estate (and therefore a T3 return) since the deceased’s assets are distributed via legislation.

Sounds like a good question for the deceased’s lawyer.