Fraudulent CERB

My clients wife received a t4a for 14,000 in CERB, problem is she has been deceased since 2017. Client is retired RCMP so I am pretty sure he did not apply. I have seen a few weird ones.

Wow…would’ve thought somebody might catch that at the gov’t side!
I have a case now where a client had her December installment payment go “missing” for a time, nobody at the bank or CRA could account for it (account info unavailable on RAC). I just found that is had been randomly transferred to CERB repayment program & her T4A disappeared on CRA!

Had that happen to a client…found it in March.

In her case it was much more advantageous to have had it left as an installment… she contacted CRA to have payment applied correctly and the T4A reinstated …it took about 4 weeks but my client saved approx. $800.

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Years ago, my sister-in-law’s professional corp, made four instalment payments but CRA only acknowledged 3. The payment statement, rubber-stamped at the bank, was hand-delivered to CRA in the Hay’s building, with a photo copy of the original. While CRA staff tried to grab the original, only the copy was provided. After close to a year, it turned out that a second account with her personal SIN held the missing payment, even though the cheque had the corp’s business number.

I had at least a dozen clients with CERB benefits that were fraudulent.

Same thing happened to my wife. I out $600 on her account and they applied it against CERB. Now have to get it moved and changed.