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Final Return- Mail will or will and tax return

With covid-19 CRA slow-downs, I am not sure the best way to proceed. I have a client who passed away in 2019 and a will was not mailed to the CRA to update their records with the executor info.

Should I:
paper file the 2019 return along with the Will and executor signature on the T1 General
mail in the Will with the ‘update records’ form and e-file the return with the executor signatures. If I choose this step, how soon after mailing can I e-file the return with executor T183 signatures?

Thank you in advance

I am not aware of any prohibition to Efiling a duly authorized return (ie authorized and signed by the Legal Representative on the T183) whether or not CRA is aware of such change. The Legal Rep is still the Legal Rep at law (similar to a POA).

The problem isn’t the return: it’s getting access to RAC for which the Will/Executor info is required, or for dealing with any issues on follow-up (like Clearance) afterwards.

Good afternoon Joanna:

I practise in White Rock BC and do many deceases client returns. Please see below for my comments.