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Express NOA - NOA template

Can the NOA template be updated to add an ‘e’ at the end of Revenue?

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Is that note a problem with the CRA’s website?

It’s the NOA template that is used to display the NOA data downloaded from CRA Express NOA service.

I’m pretty sure that it is just a template that lives somewhere inside of the TaxCycle software distribution.

@patrick is right - this is from a template. I’ve corrected the spelling in TaxCycle, but it will only be available in an upcoming T1 release.

In the meantime, you can change your own version in the Template Editor, by selecting the T1 2016 module, clicking on the NOA template, cloning it (to create an editable version) and then fixing the spelling mistake there. When you save the cloned template, the new version will automatically replace the original NOA template.

I hope that helps!