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Exempt Self employed earnings from cpp for religious reasons

I can’t find the override for CPP deductions for Religious exemption. Has anyone come across this and tell me how to override the CPP S8 from being submitted if you have a CPT16 exempt self employed earnings from the CPP for Religious Reasons.

You can enter the year for the related election to stop CPP contributions on self-employed income on the S8 in Part 1.


This form is only for the CPT30 exemption for those over 65 etc. If the client is under 65 it does not remove the CPP.

What I am asking about is the religious exemption for self-employeed individuals. By filling out CPT 16 you can opt out of CPP for religious reasons. I am sure that you don’t have a lot of requests for this but some the Menonnite communities don’t pay into CPP and don’t collect it.

We have a handful of clients that have this exemption and I was hoping that there was a way to exclude the S8 instead of overriding the figures.

We entered in the date and it did not stop the CPP contributions on the S8 we had to override the months to “0” to do this.

The clergy residence allowance is exempt from CPP but not the base salary.

Yes as that is employment income so it would not be able to be exempt.

For years now, I have just been overriding the amount of income eligible for CPP for myself and my Mennonite clients with CPT16 without any problem. Most CRA employees have no idea what a CPT16 is.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the feedback. I will enter a bug to add a mechanism to accommodate the CPT 16 exemption so an override is not required.