Eligible Retiring allowance

I have a client with an Eligible Retiring Allowance of $6,000 on his T4, in S7 it adds that $6,000 onto his existing 2021 Contribution Room. However, I cannot e-file because it says we are claiming more than his contribution room, though we are claiming the amount which is equal to his contribution room. What am I doing wrong??

CRA doesn’t have that T4, could that make the difference?

“S7 it adds that $6,000 onto his existing 2021 Contribution Room.”

Since the word “ROOM” only appears once in S7, (and that only in a note under part C), it would appear to be impossible to determine what you may or may not be looking at.

Perhaps try following the flow of where the number comes from, and where it is supposed to go to, and how.

The contributions entry in Part A of S7 comes from the RRSP contributions worksheet, where you have entered his contributions.