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Custom Review Items


I would like the ability to add custom review items. For example, I want to ensure that all my clients are set up for Direct Deposit after this tax season. For any taxpayer who does not have a complete T1DD, I want to see an alert in the Review section.

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@dennis –

This is possible but requires a little C# knowledge and programming.

If you can provide more detail about the review messages you want to add, I can build a TaxCycle extension for you, and I’ll post the code as a starting point for others.


~ Cameron

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I actually used diagnostics in Taxprep fairly often. A few of the ones I want are:

-Reminder to set up client for direct deposit (all taxpayers)
-Reminder to apply for the Allowance or Allowance for Survivor (spouse is over 65, individual is over 60)
-For individuals with donations less than $200, suggestion to roll donations forward.

  • Reminder to apply for Manitoba 55 Plus (taxpayers over 55 in Manitoba, low income)
    -Reminder to apply for Manitoba advance tuition fee income tax rebate
    -Reminder to apply for Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit (over 65 years)
    -Reminder to apply for Northern Residents Deduction

@dennis –

What criteria do you use before you create a reminder to apply for the Northern Residents Deduction?

We are really busy with CRA certification right now, but once that is out of the way I will come back to this… thanks for your patience…

~ Cameron


To create a Northern Residents Deduction reminder, I just tested the city entered in the Info section compared to CRA’s list of eligible locations.


@dennis –

Right… I can get those from the online publication of the T2222 guide. Out of curiousity, do you know a better place to find them? Something in a nicely formatted excel file that I could easily import without a lot of retyping??? :smile:

~ Cameron


I’m afraid I don’t know of any list off the top of my head. CCH Taxprep has is built-in. Maybe you can pull it from there?


@dennis -

We don’t need to get it from CCH. I thought there might be a place on the cra website that I hadn’t yet found. I’ll use the PDF guides. It won’t take long.


~ Cameron


@Dennis –

Sorry I took so, long but I have finally build some of your review messages. To install them, download the file and put it into the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\Extensions (you’ll need administrator permissions to do this). Restart TaxCycle and you should be ready to go! [NOTE: download UPDATED on 1pm MDT on March 28th. If you have an earlier version, please download this again – see next message]

Here is what is included so far:

  1. Two new review messages which use the City and Province of Residence on December 31st to suggest if a Zone A or Zone B Northern residence deduction might be claimed.
  2. A change to the review messages that suggest the right amount of CPP, QPP and EI premiums so they don’t show if the values were taken from Tax Data Delivery. (Suggested by @james1)
  3. A new review message if there is net capital loss information on the TDD form, but no net capital loss carry forwards on the worksheet. (Suggested by @matthew)
  4. A refinement to the TDD messages that relate to Box 30 and Box 105 of the T4A slip, such that quick fixes give you the option to post to specific fields (ie: taxable or non-taxable patronage dividends) (Suggested by @james1)
  5. A new review message to consider carrying forward donations of less than $200. The existing donations optimization review messages were changed so that they no longer show when the donations are less than $200. There is also a quick fix to claim $0 and carry the donations forward.
  6. A new review message for taxpayers over 55 with no property information on the MB479 form.
  7. A new review message for taxpayers with tuition, which suggests completing the advanced tuition fee rebate.
  8. A new review message for taxpayers with no direct deposit information on the return, to suggest setting it up. This one is off by default, so you’ll need to go into the T1 Review options and turn it on.
  9. A new review message to remind you to enter your school tax assessed on line 6122 when there is an amount showing in line 6120 on the MB479 form.

All of these messages are classified as suggestions so they can be signed off for individual taxpayers or disabled altogether in T1 Review Options.

I’m hoping to get some feedback from the community by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, so we can incorporate what works into the next release, planned for late next week.

I can post the C# code if anyone wants it or is interested. For next year we will add some in-product tools for writing your own review messages. This project was a good way for me to learn what will be required.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

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We’ve had a report that the extension is adding extra lines to the MB479 schedule. I’ve made a change and uploaded it again. If you’ve already downloaded, please download the extension again and re-install it.

Note that if you are running Client Manager, you will need to Stop Client Manager, and exit TaxCycle before installing the file in your extensions directory. Once you’ve done that, restart TaxCycle, and restart Client Manager.

Best regards,

~ Cameron


I like this, but after confirming with a client that they have DD setup previously it would be nice if there was a check box or something of that nature, other than data entry, that would carry forward and allow us in the future to know such.


@Arliss –

That sounds like something that should be added into the work flow items. It should be checked automatically when T1DD information is entered, and you should be able to check it manually there as well. I’ll mention it to @Andrew and see if we can make it work there. Then, the review message could be suppressed when that item is ticked.

Would that work?

~ Cameron


@Cameron Would that carry forward year to year? My thought was a little check box on the T1DD form down by “Direct deposit and banking information from prior years” that we could check to indicate it was setup previously and that check box would be retained going forward.


Could it be added to the Engagement form, much like the T1013 and RC59, and carried forward from there?


@Cameron @matthew That would work for me also. Currently I have been adding it in the “Special instructions to preparer” section for carry forward. I think on the T1DD would be best though.


@Matthew @Arliss -

The reason I like it on the workflow is that we add the preparer name and the date when those items are checked. For next year, we also want to add a “workflow/checklist” tab to the sidebar, so you could deal with those items while the return is still visible.


I envisioned it being on the workflow and the engagement form (like T1013) so that for existing clients the information that it was on file would roll forward and for new clients we could select a box there that indicates that valid DD information is on file with CRA.

It would be nice to have some of the detail carry forward as well, like the financial institution and the last three digits of the account so that it can be used in the preseason and/or client letter to remind the client of the information we have incase it needs to be updated.


@matthew It is currently carried forward on the T1DD if the information was in the file that was carried forward. At least it was on Profile to Taxcycle 2012 to 2013 and currently Taxcycle to Taxcycle. To me that is the most logical spot to indicate direct deposit is previously setup.


Good to know @Arliss. It is our first year with TaxCycle and we rolled forward from TaxPrep, so I wasn’t aware it was carrying forward. Your suggestion makes sense to me now.


This download ( ) has been updated to work with the latest release. Some of the review messages that were in this extension have been moved to the T1 module itself. Others, like the Northern Residents deduction, the warnings for T1DD and one experimental Manitoba warning remain in the extension. Shut down client manager, close TaxCycle and place the download file in the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Trilogy Software\TaxCycle\Extensions (you’ll need administrator permissions to do this). Restart TaxCycle and you should be ready to go!


~ Cameron