CRA interest

Efiled my client yesterday, May 1, tax due 1,530. Express NOA today says 1,532.10, interest of $2.10. Thought tax was due today, same as return?

Stupid CRA system. They will reverse when paid in a timely fashion.

very confusing for clients
i send express notice of assessment and have to explain to all of them that it will be reversed

Just think, it will happen again next year as April 30th 2023 falls on a Sunday. Would be nice if CRA could program their computers for this.

Wow… I have not thought that far ahead… lol


Yes I noticed that starting yesterday. The first few clients were low on their instalments during the year so I had to explain to them pay the instalment interest, not the arrears interest! They were so confused. On top of that, the express NOAs are telling them to pay by May 30th. I never figured out why they post date the NOAs.