Commercial general liability

I would like to know others’ opinions on commercial general liability.

Previously, I had a commercial office location for my incorporated accounting and tax practice.
I had the following insurance: Errors and omissions & Commercial general liability

However, over time I found that clients were starting to come to my office less and less to the point where it was non-existent (pandemic and the introduction of digital signatures).
I started to wonder if the office rent was worth it.

I eventually shifted my practice to my home (an in-home office in one room) and have saved a fortune.
When my policy came up for renewal I didn’t get Commercial general liability as no clients were coming to my home office or meeting in person.

However, I recently received a home insurance quote from my insurance broker who provides the Errors and omissions policy and they are mentioning that I should reconsider the Commercial general liability.
I told her no client EVER comes to my home office. Later in the call, she mentioned you never know there could be a slip and fall (to which I thought how is someone going to slip/fall on the property if no one ever comes here).

How are others approaching a similar situation with an in-home practice?

I really appreciate the helpful comments.

Your insurance broker is just saying that so that the insurance company can collect more premiums. As long as you don’t have any clients or vendors visiting your home, you should be fine.

Now in regards to home insurance policies, I believe there are limits on business property, like computer equipment or client files, where a claim can be made for lost or stolen items. You should probably check if they cover for that. Maybe that may be worthwhile conversation with your broker.

I myself have a small 250 sq ft office, the rent and utilities is quite manageable. I do prefer a hybrid work model but when I choose to work from my office, it keeps my mind at peace knowing that my cats aren’t going to disturb me lol.


@GuyWhoPlaysGolf Thank you for your helpful reply. Have a nice family day!

To you as well @healthymanccc
Wishing you and your family a happy and stress free long weekend!

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Good advice about checking how much your home owners insurance covers, I suspect not much related to business equipment, files and data. Also if even a courier or the Staples delivery person does a slip and fall, you’re probably not covered.

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