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Charging for a T1135

Reposting. How much would you charge for a T1135 in the following cases:

a) one investment in one country
b) several investments in several countries (by # of investments? or by # of countries?)
c) several investments in several countries held at one brokerage?

(Apologies if this is a duplicate, this is my first year on the forum.)



Are you one of my clients posing this question? :grinning:

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Where did you find my picture???

I charge by the job, not by the form. I have no idea what I charge for a T1135 - it would depend on how complicated it is.

Value pricing here.

Way back when I started I had “individual form prices” (I had briefly worked for H&R and did what they did). Then I discovered that was not working for me. Now I simply charge clients for the value they receive.

I’ve never had a complaint.

And, for the most part, having just completed a couple of reasonably messy T1135s, the brokers provide the info and I’ve developed a template spreadsheet to aggregate it into “T1135-style” reporting, so it just forms part of the overall work. Pivot Tables are your pals.

Haven’t done any that are non-broker accounts at this point.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. Looks like value pricing has taken hold in the tax community.