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CDA account schedule

Now that CRA provides us with CDA amounts, it would be great to have a schedule in the T2 module that we can easily compare with the CRA info. At present, while the CRA info is provided at 100% of the gains and losses, the program presents the info as only the non-taxable (or non-deductible) amount.

Perhaps take this one step futher, and have a schedule that we can use to compare all the info currently available from CRA:


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TDD would be nice for that info… hint hint

Hello, thank you for your suggestion.

The CRA doesn’t have a plan for T2 TDD so, we would not be able to access the CRA’s T2 tax data.
If anyone is willing to send us some screenshots or printouts (with confidential info whited out) of the information from the CRA, that would be a good starting point for us. Perhaps a worksheet of some kind to help with reconciling the tax data (ie. CDA balance) between the TaxCycle file and the CRA data. @BertMulderCGA, I know we are seeing you next week so if you wanted to bring with you some samples, that would work as well.


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I figured that it was a long shot. Does not hurt to ask tho.

sounds good, @stephen, will draw up a schedule I believe to be useful.

am sending you information via e-Courier

Thanks. I got your email. I have logged a record in our system.