CCB for non-resident

I have a couple whose tax returns I have done for several years in 2020 they started having me file tax returns with NIL income. I now know they are “currently living in the US as residents” quote from their e-mail. The address they use is a Canadian PO Box. They have two children - possibly filing nil taxes so they can collect CCB. I’m not feeling good about this - suggestions.

Doesn’t matter which address they are using (PO box or not) … if they are non-residents of Canada, they are not eligible for CCB. Simple.

You are enabling them to defraud the Canadian government. Now that you know that they are US residents, perhaps it would be good to let them know you can’t continue helping them with this.

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This might be same Section 239 (1.1) offence that I just looked up for the thread about the T2201.

Once you ask them to give you copies of their IRS transcripts…

Thanks for the feedback. I have advised them that as non-residents with no Canadian income to report they are not required to file a Canadian Tax Return, and that I cannot file for them as they may receive tax credits to which they are not entitled.

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