Business use of home - room for office and garage for workspace

A taxpayer is using a bedroom in their home as an office and part of their garage as a workspace. Both spaces are exclusively used for business (woodworking business).

From my research, I have read the following:
You can add the square footage of the garage to the total square footage of the home, then take the deduction for the dedicated business space.

My example:
House 2000 sqft & Garage 500 sqft = 2500 sqft
Office in home is 150 sqft & workstation in garage is 250 sqft = 400sqft

Therefore, the business use is 400 sqft & Total sqft of house and garage is 2500 sqft
Business proration 400/2500=16%

Does anyone know if this is the correct way to handle this situation?

Yeso, that would do it


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Yes, that is correct

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