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GST and Invoicing

Wow. Just…wow.
I had no idea a simple question, with an equally simple answer could cause such a ruckus.

Hi Susan,

As a contractor he is not required to be registered for PST. You probably know, that as someone who is buying things that he will install on Real Property he is considered to be the end user. So he buys his materials including PST and when he Invoices the client he does not add PST.


much ado about very little. We can do it.


No, in that situation his cost of materials is:
$100.00 + $7.00 = $107.00

Is this a needlework thread, or perhaps modern art?
Or :spades: :hearts: :diamonds: :clubs: or :game_die:

Yes, I did research it and concluded he needn’t become a PST registrant. Thank you for the confirmation though.

And we have. All done. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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