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WSIB issue

I have a new client who received invoice from WSIB that was generated based on estimate due to no information provided to WSIB by the previous accountant.

As a new accountant, I spoke with WSIB who want T1 General and T2 for previous years to correct the WSIB invoice. Also, they are not willing to accept NOA for this issue. Problem is that the old accountant is not willing to give T1 General and T2 for prior years.

Is there any way to get this information so that WSIB issue can be resolved?



Presuming the client does not have copies of the returns on hand for those years.

Do you have access to My Account for this client?

If Searching for the T1… under Tax Returns, Status of Return column… Click Assessed… and a line by line shows up…

If Searching for the T2… under the RC Section, View Return Status, Click Assessed under status and Line by Line shows up.

Love love love what we can get from My Account if we know where to look

These should satisfy … I often use this to create the last year on a new client so that I can have the proper carry-forwards… I am always
careful to indicate in my files… PREPARED BY XXX . this COPY FOR OFFICE ADMIN PURPOSES ONLY


Thank you very much Rachel.


Did you consider that the old accountant might have reasons for not wanting to provide copies? Perhaps he hasn’t been paid. If he filed them, he must have provided copies to the customer. Otherwise I do agree with Rachel.