Undeducted RRSP of a deceased

What happens with the un-deducted RRSP amount of a deceased. As per the bank, one of the contributions was made as a personal RRSP which cannot be transferred under section 60L. Will this be considered as a lost amount? I was under the impression that all of RRSP amount can be rollover under section 60L
Appreciate if anyone can help me to understand

Well there is a lot more information needed to answer this but depending on other income you might not want to transfer all the rrsp as you will want taxable income to apply the un-deducted contributions to.

There was hardly any income earned, but the ‘personal’ RRSP contribution. Therefore, it’s been carried forward while this is the final tax year

Abdus, are you saying he made contributions in the year of death, but did not have enough income to use the RRSP deduction? Why not have the bank do an “RRSP withdrawal” or something like that? The bank should generate a T4 RSP slip, which would generate taxable income to “offset” the un-deducted contributions.

Alternatively (I’m not an expert in this area), maybe the bank has a way to “reverse” the contributions - then you wouldn’t need to worry about any of it for tax purposes.

Ask the bank to show you exactly which part of 60(L) denies the roll over.