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Tracking number for paper file

I got excited when one of the latest updates came out and enabled us to add a tracking number to the workflow that we can then use in the Client Manager, but I realized today the workflow item is actually “Couriered return to client”. We very rarely print returns for clients, and in two years I don’t think we’ve ever couriered one to a client, but we often have to paper file and courier to the CRA.

It would be great if, when we select T1 paper filed, we were then given an option to assign a tracking number at this point as well.


As a temporary workaround, I’ve moved the courier item under paper filed and we can just pretend it’s the CRA courier option, but this may get confusing!

I assumed that the couriered return to client, meant that we E-couriered the return to the client.

I guess you could use it for that (and we do use e-courier), but then it makes the tracking number field redundant…