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Is there a way of suppressing the amount of payment? Certain taxpayers may want to pay amounts which are different than full amounts owing.

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Short answer is No.
When my clients want to pay in bits, I print a few T7DRA slips and white out the amount. They can fill in whatever amount they want to pay.

Well, there should be a way to suppress the default watermark. I don’t like the idea of white-out.


You can over ride the amount and print out a 7dra form

When you override, you get a watermark stamp asking you to enter the amount. Hence the question.


what watermark i do not get one

You can override the value in the “Amount Paid” field and as long as the amount entered is greater than $1.00 no watermark will appear on the form. If you know the amounts your client wants to pay, you can enter each amount and print however many copies you need.

We are looking for the client to enter the amount themselves rather than entering a specific amount.

Could we have the option to edit the font to white for those scenarios? This is what I did with the Pre-printed forms rather than writing in the name, address and SIN manually. The client would have a remittance form for the bank but could enter an amount they were able to pay as the funds became available.

Some clients wanted three or four ‘blank’ slips so the could make payments over a few weeks or months.

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@atul Please remove the sample file ASAP as it has full identification. If you can’t, ask for help from Trilogy.