T4A mistakenly Issued under my name

In the year 2020, I entered a consulting agreement for software development services with a client in Canada (I am also Canadian). I have a corporate entity set up for all of my freelance/consulting work. The engagement lasted a few months with all of my invoices issued to the client from my corporation. The invoices included my corporation name, address, and HST number. All invoices we’re settled and paid out in full to my corporate bank account.

During my 2020 personal tax filings, I was surprised to find a T4A issued under my name and SIN by my client. I have reached out to them to correct them on this mistake but they are being unresponsive. I have told them that I want them to revoke the T4A which was filed mistakenly and that I will be handling the taxes myself but they don’t seem interested in complying.

What are my choices here? Should I continue with filing my 2020 personal taxes assuming they will revoke the incorrect T4A slip?

Any help would be appreciated :smile:

“I have a corporate entity set up for all of my freelance/consulting work.”

This is something that you should be discussing with your corporate CPA, who will be able to review your corporate billings and receipts documentation in detail, and determine which, if any, of the documentation might be incorrect.

You have already said that your ex-client has refused to revoke the T4A.

A matter for your CPA (potentially also your lawyer).

I would want to know how the client got access to his SIN.

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Nvm they got back to me, we’re all good!