I would like to be able to have TaxCycle automatically snapshot the return when I print the final copy. The only default print option that seems to allow that is the CRA Condensed. Is there some way I can have that option on other print sets?

Open up the file T12015.Preferences.PrintSetPreferences.xml – it may be inside one of your Option ProFiles if you are using those. Then, look for the line:


Immediately below that line, add the following:


Now, when you open up the print set options, you should have the option to take a snapshot.

Let me know if that works for you.

The reason we don’t support/recommend this by default is that a snapshot is taken when you electronically file. You’ll then end up with two snapshots… one from printing and one from electronic filing.

~ Cameron

Thank you Cameron, that did work. I had to extract it and add it back into the zip file as we use common options from the server.

In the past I have always made a manual snapshot of the T1s when they’ve been printed. This is because for a small percentage of files, a necessary change is made in the return at the time the file is being reviewed with the client, OR a change is made to show the client the effect of a particular item which should not be save but accidentally is. It can be remarkable difficult for us to remember what actually happened on a specific file in the depths of tax season, so we make use of that variance in those cases :slight_smile: