Snapshot on returns

When I take a snapshot of a return that has the spouse and possibly children linked, the snapshot should cover all linked returns and not just the the active return.

We need to be able to cover scenarios where you just want to take a snapshot for one return, especially for scenarios where you file one return and not the others for whatever reason.

Would it be acceptable to add a checkbox to “Take snapshots for all returns?”. Technically you would be taking two (or more) snapshots simultaneously, but you should be able to achieve what you want.

~ Cameron

Does it really matter if you take a snapshot of all the returns? How much space does that really take? Not to mention the fact that the snapshot is not an issue unless you change it. However, if you want to add the check box that would be ok.

The majority of the time I am taking snapshots is when a new client comes to me to fix their returns. I would key the return as filed snapshot the return and file the amendment. I always assumed that it took a snapshot of the whole return until I was amending the clients T2125 that was split between the spouses and realized that I did not have a snapshot of the spouse and had to start over again.

Which brings me to the other thing I do not like about the amendments. Saving a new file is just asking for trouble. Why can’t you have a system like the kids returns that I can view but cannot change and save them all together in one file.

The reason it matters is that an As-Filed Snapshot is what triggers the T1-ADJ suggestion when the snapshot does not match the return. With the check box I think we can achieve what you want (it could even be checked by default, with a warning if you are taking an as-filed snapshot of a return that has not yet been filed).

We have some ideas to support this… the big concept is to change the TaxCycle file format into a Zip file, which will contain 1 or more “versions” of the return, plus any supporting spreadsheets and possibly even the DoxCycle file. The TaxCycle file will still have a 2015T1 file extension, and you’ll open it and save it as you do now. It will just optionally contain more stuff all neatly packaged together and easy to archive. This change will require lots of testing so we’re planning to develop and beta test this in Spring/Summer 2016.

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I guess that depends on how the information is accessed. I still think that having the ability to look at the pre amended file like it was a dependent inside the live file is the best way to go. the pre amended returns would be read only. that way I would have everything in one place.

When making changes, rather than saving the file as a separate Amended file, would it be possible to have the ability to save the data and presented in a screen with multiple columns for each snapshot. The rows could be T1 jacket line numbers (or whatever level of detail it is deemed required). I imagine it looking like the 2 year client summary but with more columns - maybe 5 or 10 or whatever.

If that can be implemented it can also be used in the planner mode for various planning options… do a plan, save a snap shot, amend the plan, do another snap shot, etc. That would save multiple planning files or multiple printouts (PDFs) for partner/client review.

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We have most of the framework in place to do this, so I hope to make it available at some point. No fixed timing yet.

~ Cameron

Having the screen like matthew says would be good for planning; however, snapshots for the purposes of amending a filed return still should be kept separate and easily reviewed.

Of course… we would not disrupt the existing feature.