S89 Suggestion - CFWD add'l info

Minor suggestion here regarding S89s. I’m just filling out some for a large group of connected companies that have had a lot of activity in these accounts. They tend to be large dollar amounts so we send S89s in every few years prior to major payouts, and it occurred to me that it would save quite a bit of time in this case if the additional information on this form (under parts 2 and 3) would carry forward to future years once input so that this historical information didn’t have to be tracked down again the next time the form was sent. Pretty minor, but if it’s easy to implement I think it would be worthwhile.

Edit: on the T2054 we are able to exclude this additional information if it is related to a previous CDA payout that has already occurred, but as far as I can see this isn’t the case on the S89s so we are in the habit of including the part 2&3 info every time on these forms. If I’m wrong here please let me know, and we can disregard this suggestion!

Thanks for your consideration!

@rick.s Thanks. I will log your suggestion for an implementation.


In S89, at the top of the form, there is a question “Complete this form from CDA Worksheet?”. When this question is answered Yes, parts 1, 2 and 3 are automatically completed from the previous year CDA data in CDA worksheets.

If this question is answered NO, the parts have to be manually entered. If answered NO, parts 2 and 3 will carry forward. Does this resolve your issue?

I have a suspicion that, in your case, this question is answered Yes so you can have part 1 of S89 automatically completed from CDA worksheets? But, perhaps, the CDA worksheets do not have data pertaining to parts 2 and 3 hence you had to enter the data into parts 2 and 3 manually?

If this is not the case, I would appreciate a file for me to look at.Thanks!