Repeating a field entry

Somewhere on the site I saw a keyboard shortcut for repeating a field entry without having to retype it. For example, when I have multiple donation receipts to the same organization, I can use the shortcut and not have to retype the name (or use the drop down list). I forgot the key combination and cannot find it in the website anywhere. Can anybody help me?

Highlight, Ctrl C, next field, Ctrl V?
It’s Windows, not Taxcycle.

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Date 2023-02-27 10:13:21 AM
Subject [] [T1] Repeating a field entry

Yes … use the tilde “~” key on the very land hand corner on the top number row of your keypad.
Both upper case or lower case on this key works to duplicate the entry in the previous row for that same field code. Much quicker than using the windows cut/paste features.


Here is the link to the shortcut list:

Thank you. In a previous software I used it was the ditto key. A lot more intuitive than the tilde. I have printed out the shortcut list but this is not on there.

what is the ‘ditto’ key?

Ditto key is the double quotes.

Thank you. didn’t know there were so many