Options profile - password

I see that we can add a password to show options. I assume that would mean that you need a password to see and change all of the options – in the ones in the roaming profile as well as the ones in that profile that are set locally.

Is there a way to set it so that you do not need a password to change the options that are left as local, but will need a password to click “Make” changes in the roaming profile?

At the moment we don’t support this level of options security. I’ll look at what we can do to move the password challenge from opening the options dialog to when you want to make a change.

Limiting your options file to read only with write permissions being held exclusively by those users who should have the ability to modify the options might do it?

They could likely still modify any options but would just be unable to save the changes which should net out to a similar result. :slightly_smiling:

Do you know if this is still in the works? Our office would like to have an options profile so that staff can connect to and receive the options that we set as a firm, with certain sections available to customize to each person’s liking. We would also like to password protect the firm options so that they aren’t accidentally changed, but it seems that we can only password protect the entire options dialogue.

You can control the accessibility of the Options Profile by using Windows Permission. For example, for this options profile, I’ve set it to read only:

Then, when you open up your options profile, users can still edit the settings you’ve designated as “personal”, but the firm options can not be changed…

Wonderful! Thank you.