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Option to select which family memembers are printed on the family summary

Would like a check box option on the family summary say above the names that would allow only specific members to be printed rather than all of them each time. For my purposes I typically just want the parents and not their kids printed.

I believe the joint summary gives the two main taxpayers ( Parents)…

but I do like that idea as sometimes I need to show certain family members combined like older parents who are dependents but not the kids who are in


I love your idea

This season I ended up unlinking the adult children with tuition transfers to accomplish this. Uncoupling caused temporary and unsettling issues with Client Manager. Eventually I noodle through Client Manager with a bunch of clicks, refreshes, open and closes, and reboots, until it cleared the naming in a single file to multiple files.

I have some residual PTSD trauma from a number of years of uncoupling in Profile and losing or corrupting files while working in very large and fast paced tax firms. I get a case of eegee beegees every time I need to uncouple.

A check box would be much preferable.