Memo is centered?

I just created a memo in a T1 and it’s centered (see attached). Not a biggie, but what are the command to make it left-aligned again.

Was this memo created in the Year of acquisition field in the Principal Residence Designation section of the S3? I’ve been trying to recreate the problem, and that field appears to create all memos with centered text. I suspect the memo is simply picking up the alignment of the field itself. Sadly, there is no way to adjust the text alignment in a memo, so we’ll just have to fix this on our end (I’ve logged a bug). :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly the field. Thanks for looking into it.

Fixed. We’ll have this in an optional release that includes the 2015 refile in a few days.

That would be a nice feature to have

We are certified for 2015 refile today, so we are completing some internal testing before we release.