iCloud Calendar - How to share info from Client iCloud Calender with Google Calendar or PC Outlook Desktop

iCloud Calendar - how to obtain last 6 years of info from client

I have a client who has not filed personal or corporate tax returns since 2010.

Since 2013 she has maintained an electronic calendar in iCloud using her iPad. I would like to be able to share her calendar to be able to extract her client appointments and business trips for business travel and meals and entertainment validation.

This is my situation:

I use a Windows PC and an Android Tablet and phone. I use Outlook Desktop to aggregate my three email accounts. I use Google Calendar online.

I have an old iPhone 4S which doesn’t hold the charge anymore.

In the past, when I loaded up Apple apps to access iCloud for my iPhone 4S, I ran into a lot of issues with several of my Windows apps. The only way that I could fix those problems was to remove all Apple apps off my Windows PC. I am very reluctant to expose my PC to that horror again.

Ideally I would simply like to view her calendar to extract the relevant data to populate Excel to create a kms log and to validate M+E expense in QB. I would need at most a week’s worth of access.

Short of buying an Apple device, does anyone have a safe, tried, and true way to viewing her calendar info?

Is there anyway for her to share her iCloud Calendar with my Google Calendar?

If I she could share her iCloud Calendar with my Google Calendar then I could view her calendar as a shared calendar my Outlook Desktop. Is there a way to share her iCloud Calendar only rather than her whole iCloud account?

I think you can get her to export her calendar to an ICS file and then import that file to a Google Calendar.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will check that out.

I found this link as well.