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Help us out! We need send us your questions for the conference panel discussion

Our Online Training Conference is two weeks away and we’d like your help. We’re preparing for the “Ask Us Anything” panel discussion with the TaxCycle team, including @Cameron, @Sarka, @Andrew, @Allen and myself (@Elizabeth)

Post your questions below and we’ll prepare as many answers as we can. Then, join us on November 4th at 13:15 MT / 15:15 ET for the “Ask Us Anything” session for short demos based on those questions and a live Q&A with the TaxCycle team.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the conference. Over 1300 people have already locked in a ticket. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Elizabeth is there a chance to get doxcycle to save the same way as taxcycle name (sin number).pdf so if you have two people with the same name then there is no overwrite on the file


Another DoxCycle question: Are there any plans expand the applications that can print to DoxCycle beyond TaxCycle? Excel, Word, browsers, etc.