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If we got an e-signature from the client. now while transmitting the return, we click on paper signature by mistake, is there any way to reverse it and select e signature?

I can’t find any cell locations on any forms storing whether you selected Paper signature or e-signature. I ran a test case using both methods confirming that once the fields are selected, you can’t bring them back even by deleting the date on the T183.

Personally, I think the field code is only there to remind you that if you receive an e-signature, that you must also record the timestamp information showing when that signature was received. So if you accidentally selected the paper signing option, simply go to the T183 and manually record the timestamp information. At the top of the page is the Yes/No signing date checkbox. If you set that to ‘no’, you won’t have to use an override when you type in the timestamp info.

Another thought is to close the file without saving and then re-open it. This will restore those fields to select paper signature or electronic signature. This method assumes you are working with a file that is already saved and has no new unsaved information entered (ie: you don’t want to lose any of your newly entered changes).


If you accidentally selected paper signature for T183 on the Transmit sidebar you can go to track on the prepare side bar and in the workflow items yours may be different then mind as I have change and moved my workflow items around . However mind is Under Client Approval look for T183 signed to authorize EFILE and remove the check mark. This will give you the options again to reselect paper signature or e-signature.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This will be really helpful.

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